Cabinet Office showcases PossAbilities as success story

So far, over 100 organisations have been formed by leaving the public sector and becoming Public Service Mutuals.

This initiative, championed by The Cabinet Office, has launched a second round of support, Mutuals II, which aims to encourage more public sector leaders to develop plans to ‘spin-out’ and become independent entities. PossAbilities is seen as one of the big success stories of the mutualisation programme, and The Cabinet Office has produced a video to encourage others to take the plunge. You can see this on PossAbilities TV and find out how to apply on the Cabinet Office website.

Since our formation in 2014, PossAbilities has doubled it’s turnover; increased staff from 220 to over 500; attracted some £500,000 in grants; built its reserves; and expanded from Rochdale into Widnes, Runcorn. Oldham and Todmorden, thus becoming a regional rather than a local player in the market.