Unforgettable year of fundraising as Woodside Social Club aids dementia

Middleton’s Woodside Social Club brought their fundraising year to a head when Liz MicInnes MP presented a cheque for £8,000 to Woodclough Day Centre, which supports people with

The club, in Higher Wood Street, has been at the heart of Middleton community life for over one hundred years. Each year it’s members select a local cause that they care about, and set about raising as much money as they possibly can. In 2015, Woodclough Day Centre was the chosen cause.

Andrew Ashworth, Day Centre Manager, said “The support of the club has been phenomenal. It’s more than just the money, which is fantastic, it’s also about being supported by people in our community and Woodside Social Club have been there for us. We can’t thank them enough”.

The money will go towards fencing off an area of the outdoor space, so that people with dementia can spend some time in the outdoors. Andrew Ashworth added “This will make such a difference. We can’t really allow people with dementia outside unsupervised because they may become confused and wander. With some secure outside space, they will be able to enjoy some sunshine safely, and play with Woody our dementia dog”.

A hectic year of fundraising included a twenty-four hour sports marathon, personal donations from members and Elsie Foster’s famous hotpot, made every Saturday and sold for £1 per portion – definitely a case of ‘Look after the pies and the pounds look after themselves’.

If a relative of yours is dealing with dementia you can contact Andrew Ashworth at Woodclough for advice on what help is available at Woodclough on 0161 653 5149.