PossAbilities featured in governments Civil Society Strategy

In August 2018, the government launched it’s new Civil Society Strategy. The document¬†Building a future that works for everyone,¬†sets out a range of commitments to strengthen the role of civil society.

By civil society they mean individuals and organisations who act for the primary purpose of creating social value, independent of state control. Social value implies enriched lives and a fairer society for all.

As well as setting out the government’s commitments, the strategy uses case studies to illustrate what this approach to building civil society look like. Rachel Law, Chief Executive of PossAbilities said, “We were both delighted and surprised to find that we were featured in the government’s strategy as an example of excellence in social enterprise. It’s a great credit to all our staff that quite a new enterprise based in Heywood has attracted the attention of people in power. It’s nice to have accolades like this, but accolades don’t build a better society. Action, hard work and innovation do. So whilst we are delighted to be noticed, we will keep our feet firmly on the ground and carry on doing what we do best, creating social value”.