Oh-la-la Doreen goes home thanks to PossAbilities Homeshare

 A Heywood woman was able to leave nursing care and get back to the home she loves thanks to a new scheme which brings together people who need a bit of support with those who need a place to live.


Doreen 78 from Heywood and Anouck 22 from Paris are the first match for PossAbilities Homeshare. In return for helping Doreen out with a few household chores, Anouck gets a room in Doreen’s home whilst she spends a year perfecting her English, before continuing her studies in Law.


After spending months in a care home following a fall, all Doreen wanted was to go home. Having Anouck around to help with the cooking was just what she needed to help her to get back to her normal life.


It’s a life that Anouck is very quickly learning a lot about. She says “I enjoyed going to Bingo with Doreen, but need more practice with the numbers as they are called very quickly. She also took me to the singing group. I had no idea that I would have to sing, but once I settled in I really enjoyed it”.


Doreen is revelling in her new lifestyle “It’s lovely to finally be home in my comfy bed. I’m enjoying the food that Anouck makes me, I’m even eating French food and liking it. We loved going to Bingo and I had to explain to Anouck that 1 and 6 was 16”.


For PossAbilities Homeshare team this is the first of many ‘matches’ that they will be making. Loneliness can have the same effect on health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day and often people with a spare room could do with just a little support.


If you have a spare room and would welcome some support or you need a place to live and would be willing to give some social support in return, you can contact the Homeshare Team at homeshare@possabilities.org.uk or call 01706 626747.